July 2, 2012

GearWeAre.com Reviews Our Sierra Collection

Sierra Lite i WP

Hi-Tec’s Sierra Lite i WP Walking Boot is a pleasant surprise in many ways. When I got the press release many months ago I worried that the Lites would be basketball sneakers styled to look like walking boots (in part because Hi-Tec have also launched a retro-styled fashion sneaker called the Sierra at the same time, which is collossally confusing). But after wearing them through some of the worst weather we’ve seen in the UK for, well, a year I’ve come to give them some big respect. Read More

Sierra Lite Low i WP

Taking new shoes out of a box is always a ‘kid a Christmas’ moment for me. I was surprised at how light the Hi-Tec Sierra Lite Lows were despite their chunky looks, and instantly assumed that they were just a trainer with a facelift looking to be outdoorsy. Not that that wouldn’t appeal to a previous owner of a VW Polo Dune, but after testing I was proven wrong – they’re more than just a trainer with a fancy bumper. Read More






2 Responses to GearWeAre.com Reviews Our Sierra Collection

  • ave kawulusan
    ave kawulusan says:

    where i found this product in indonesia??

    thank you...

    Posted on September 8, 2012 at 6:45 am

  • Dayna
    Dayna says:

    Please send an inquiry to our global headquarters at http://www.hi-tec.com/gl/contact/ and they can help you locate a distributor in your area.

    Posted on September 12, 2012 at 2:22 pm