June 13, 2012

More Sierra & Harmony reviews roll in!

Outdoors Magic

We carried a quick preview of H-Tec's new Sierra Lite range of footwear a couple of weeks back, so we won't go into exhaustive detail, but we've just got hold of a pair of the top-end Hi-Tec Sierra Lite I WP along with the much less technical, but urban-stylish Sierra Mid.

Hi-Tec Sierra Lite I WP 

The Sierra Lite I WP is the latest in a long string of Hi-Tec lightweight mids, but it costs £125, something that would have been inconceivable, just five or so years ago. Why the hefty price tag? Well. Hi-Tec is simply making far better kit these days.

The Sierra Lite I WP, for example, comes complete with a custom Vibram sole unit and has an ion-mask water repellent treatment, which means the whole boots is highly water resistant. Lace hooks a decent quality, corrosion resistant items and the whole boot looks and feels pretty slick. Read more... 

Family panel reviews 

I recently reviewed the Harmony Lace shoe and found it to be a pleasantly feminine hiking shoe - the Harmony Lite low-ankle walking shoe is not quite as elegant (in my eyes) but it does have a really nice shape that works well with long feet (like mine) and once again, as with other shoes in the Harmony range, the italian design shows through. Read more..